Who We Are

Onsite Management Group was established in 1992 as a professional services firm specializing in the management of Corporate Digital Mail Centers and Copy Center Management, Scanning and Imaging, Logistics/Courier Management, Supplies Management, Switchboard and Reception Area Operation, and other professional office services.   Based in Louisville, KY, OMG started with two local accounts and has grown to a Fortune 500 client base nationally.

What differentiates OMG from our competitors is the fact that, even though we are growing rapidly, we make sure all of our clients have real-time access to all levels of Management and Executive Teams. Year-upon-year we continue to provide substantial cost savings to our clients.

In addition:

  • All cost savings realized for the client goes directly back to the client.
  • For all new accounts, OMG offers a software based transition plan taking into consideration all aspects of our client’s business and culture.
  • We provide professional industry knowledge and on-site one-on-one consulting recommendations.
  • Our invoice and billing structure is simple and detailed to each location or department.
  • OMG is committed to performing its services in a skilled and competent manner and in accordance with regular industry standards. We will obey all statutes, regulations and codes in connection with performing services for your organization. OMG abides by the current Privacy Act standards (HIPAA, OSHA, etc.) maintaining total confidentiality regarding client/employee information.

We guarantee that all services will be performed by competent personnel. If, at any time, the services provided by OMG do not conform to this warranty, OMG will correct such non-conforming services at its own expense. In performance of all services for your company, OMG and its employees will comply with applicable laws, particularly postal service laws and regulations. OMG provides adequate insurance to cover its commitments under its agreement with your company.

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