Staff Kudos!

Staff Kudos and Testimonials:    

February 2019:

Our OMG Team at one of our Client sites in Louisville, KY was given kudos by our Client liaison for the timely metering of their 1099’s, she says “Once again your team was a life saver!”

Dennis Brown and Faye Carter from our Client in Amelia, Ohio were recognized by one of our Client liaisons: “They helped the claims Admin team ship out t-shirts to the claims field all over the past few weeks, they jumped right on it and made it happen. You are lucky to have outstanding members on your team!”

Nadeana Stormer from a Client in Cincinnati, Ohio was praised by Supervisor Alisa Hake. “ She was off, and I am covering for her and she took time to type a route sheet and directory for each floor, She is amazing!”

Jonie Roberts from a Client in Cincinnati, Ohio received a lovely card saying,“Thank you so much for all you do. You are so friendly and willing to go above and beyond. I know Lori appreciates you too!”

One of our Client sites in Cincinnati, Ohio acknowledged Tami Stephens for 7 years of service with a lovely balloon and plaque!

Third Quarter 2018:

One of our clients at our Client’s site in Louisville, KY, gave our Fileroom Clerk, Bob Wheeler a great compliment: “Just wanted to say thanks again for all the hard work on the Opcon books. Our team greatly appreciates you getting them done on such short notice.”

Tammie Ewell, OMG’s Benefits Administrator, was chosen for the Above and Beyond Recognition Award for United Mail for being on top of keeping the employees informed of benefits they can receive but are not aware of. Way to keep an eye out for our employees! Great job Tammie!!! We are proud to say she is on the HR Team.

Kudos to our OMG team in Toledo!! What our client said:
"I wanted to pass along some very well deserved praise and accolades for your team at the Print Center. I placed a large order for Exercise Booklets for our CarePATH training on Tuesday, August 28th. Yesterday morning, Jayson e-mailed to say all 350 Exercise Booklets had been printed and bound, and they are on their way to our Home Office in Cincinnati. What a fast turnaround time, and I am also grateful for the clear communication! We have our very first classes this coming Sunday, so the prompt creation and shipping is especially helpful. Your team really pulled out all the stops to meet my short deadline. I’m sincerely grateful for their quick work, especially including the long, holiday weekend! Thank you to your exceptional team at the Print Center! We are grateful for their assistance!"

“Another satisfied customer.” – Our Customer Service Representative from our Insurance Client in Cincinnati, OH said: “You are all AWESOME!!!!!” You “Knocked Their Socks Off” again!!

One of our Louisville, KY Client’s bragged on the OMG team and thanked them: “Thank you to everyone that helped get 9750 pay card kits to their new homes. That was a tremendous group effort by you and your team!” 

Another kudos from our Louisville, KY Client. the Executive Project Administrator stated: “LaDonna—I wanted you to know, Leta Williams was a huge help to me today. I was in the middle of something huge and she stepped up and helped me get mail out, Great job Leta!!

Alisa Hake, one of our Cincinnati, OH Supervisors took her team out to lunch in appreciation for all they do!! It was very much appreciated!

From our Client, Director of Purchasing in Chicago, IL: “I am really happy to have you all on my team, keep up the good work!” “Your team Dawn Patterson and Mary Sinde in the Mailroom) have been AMAZING and a HUGE help with providing all of our c-suite moving supplies. We really appreciate their hard work during this stressful and demanding time. Because of them, our packing process has been extremely smooth which keeps us on track to meet moving deadlines. THANK YOU!!

Second Quarter 2018:

Kudos to Alisa Hake! "I wanted to send a thank you to Alisa Hake, Mail Clerk, Cincinnati, OH: -Thank you for the excellent service you provided to HOC Medical Records Department! We appreciate your willingness to help and send supplies in a timely manner. You are appreciated!!"

BIG shoutout to Jeni, our Talent Acquisition Coordinator. "She has been doing an excellent job. I was fairly impressed with the Floater candidate I received as well. Please use this email as a HUGE shout out to Jeni for her recruiting efforts. She is greatly appreciated!!! From Jackie Bell, Senior OPS Manager.

Great job!! Veronica Vales, Print Technician, at our Fairfield, CA Client site – “Thank you for your great work and willingness to go above and beyond your duties on a regular basis!” Veronica and Dave Crowell, OMG, LLC Account Manager has been identified as key “happy and helpful” people in their daily processes. They both received a Starbucks gift card for their outstanding work.

Congratulations to Sri Lewis, Mailroom Support Clerk at our Amelia, OH Client site. She was recognized as the Ohio University Southern Outstanding Graduate for the Bachelor of Science in Applied Management program for the 2018 Spring Semester. OMG, LLC is very proud to have her on our team!!

The OMG/Client Special Project Team (Cincinnati, OH) came during an after-action report meeting today. Two weeks ago we tasked OMG with stuffing and organizing envelopes for Hospital Week with over 13,000 recipients. I am happy to report that the project was an overwhelming success thanks to the dedication and thoughtfulness of the project team. The excellent organization employed by the OMG project team, as well as the quality and accuracy of their work, were specifically called out during the meeting. The team took it upon themselves to label the bins after alphabetizing the envelopes which significantly reduced the amount of time the client partners needed to set up for distribution; in fact they were able to begin distributing to managers half a day early as they left a leader networking event. Despite the aggressive completion time line, the OMG project team stepped up and provided great value to the client and significantly reduced the stress associated with Hospital Week.

First Quarter 2018:

Kudos to the OMG Team at one of our large hospitals in Cincinnati. Today we received a thank you card from our liaison from one of our Cincinnati hospital site. Although we had been going through ill-timed employee attrition that really put us in a tough spot, we were, and continue to provide top quality mail and print services to the client. The team members that stuck around did not back down from the challenges that were placed on them, and the members from the Ops Management team stepped up to help provide coverage and were key parts to our success. With positions now filled, we are now focusing on getting our new hires up to speed and polishing our services in preparation for our client’s big move, that will take place later this year.- Brandon Galeas, Interim Account Manager

Great teamwork you guys!!! We want to take a moment and commend Katasha Pearson and her Team on their great accomplishments. Katasha went in and rearranged the work stations to make them all look the same and keep them in the OMG Model Site Standard expectation. She has removed all clutter and set up the stations to make it easier to process the set top boxes. I was very pleased with the appearance of the site and I am sure the client will be too. In addition, she has set up a “step to prep” for the next day. Every morning the team comes in and are ready to test their first batch of the day, this has sped up production tremendously and we have been able to exceed our goals for our high demand tasks.

Also a special shout out to our newest Team Member, Jonessa Moore. We were having a high failure rate with our DVR task and were being slowed up in production due to having to manually remove recorded programs. She found a reset button on the bottom of each device and inquired about it since we were failing so many units. Now we are able to use that reset button to catch all the units that don’t accept our initial reset and now we are passing 95% or greater units each batch and we are not having to manually remove the programs. Great job Jonessa!!! She has hit the ground running and she is doing a great job! - Jackie Taylor recognizing Katasha Pearson and the Team at our longstanding site in Cincinnati. 

Kudos to Michele and Leta. I just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how much I appreciate Michele and Leta. Michele, in particular because she delivers to my floor, is so dependable, friendly, and goes above and beyond to assist us all the time. She delivers our mail according to our schedule and when there is more mail than can be sorted before her mail runs, she lets us know she will be delivering what she can and the rest at the next run. If we have weekly packages that get mailed, she reminds us if we are a little late getting them to the mail room. She is the first (and many times the only) person to greet and assist me when I need to go to the mail room for pack-ages, mail, or stamps. Just let me say, that it is very obvious when Michele is out of the office for a day! Customer service doesn’t get any better than Michelle.

Leta, too, is efficient, friendly, polite and willing to help with just about anything. – Client Accounts Payable, Louisville, KY

Special thanks and acknowledgement to Dave Wren, OMG, LLC Account Manager, Toledo, OH. “My client is reviewing and evaluating any and all print options to reduce postage costs for mailing the insurance policies to their clients. In the process we had received some suggestions from one of my contacts in the industry. Much of the print technology was not in my expertise so I reached out to Dave for input. Dave’s knowledge was terrific and he was able to provide me with what I needed to explain to the client. Based upon his information the client was very interested in the option. Dave created samples of the proposal that absolutely wowed the client! He turned it around very quickly and communicated regularly on the progress. To say the least, they were all very impressed and supportive of the idea! If implemented, this solution has the potential to save more than $3 million each year! I cannot stress enough how helpful and cooperative Dave was through the process! - Mark Hale, Acct. Executive, OMG, LLC Cincinnati, OH

Kudos from our client in Huntington, IN. “Cassandra is a breath of fresh air. The front office employees enter thru the lobby coming to work and Cassandra welcomes each of us with a Smile and “Good Morning”. A very pleasant way to start the day! She knows when we miss a day(s) and welcomes us back, with “I hope you enjoyed your time off”, or “I hope you’re feeling better”. It’s truly a warm feeling to know you’re missed. Cassandra shows our Visitors the same kindness and respect and is a valuable First Impression for our company.

Stephanie Pahls received a letter from a very important client “Stephanie, I wanted to recognize you for the kind and courteous way in which you deliver the mail. Thank you for all you do.”— Director of Purchasing, Client liaison, Cincinnati.

Just want to extend a huge THANK YOU to Jayson and Margaret for getting our pinning programs done so quickly. Jayson was diligent in making the necessary corrections to the program and when Margaret called and said they were finished, I was thrilled. They are a good team our company is lucky to have them! Please send them my appreciation for all they do for us! “ Nursing Division Administrative Specialist".

I wanted to drop a note to let you know how exceptional LaDonna is to our Service Center Team. Short staffed, inclement weather, she never EVER loses her professionalism. I’ve seen her here from 7-6 keeping the SLA’s covered so not to have an interruption in service. She’s had days/weeks when she was a mail room clerk, receptionist and file room clerk and still managed to get her own job done. LaDonna is always looking to save money for her department, in fact with a last year run rate budget she was still able to save $800, in spite of several new large additional printing/mailing jobs for HR and increase in post-age. She truly is a treasure and we are fortunate that she is with us. “Louisville, KY Client liaison”

I want to give a Kudos to our new PT Mail clerk, Cyndi Miskell at our Cincinnati, OH client site. She is killing it with metering the mail!!! She does a fantastic job every day ensuring all of the client’s mail goes out the same day she receives it. Mondays are a pretty heavy day here and she had all of the mail metered by 3:00. That’s a pretty big win considering the amount of mail she had to process. Since then, she has been cleaning, organizing and asking what else she can help with. She is the perfect fit here and we are thrilled to have her! "Operations Manager, OMG, LLC"


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