Client Testimonials

2014 Client Testimonials and Recommendations for OMG, LLC:


"During the past three years, our business team has worked directly with the Regional Operations Manager. OMG offers top-notch quality, services and rates. Their staff are courteous and trustworthy with our College’s faculty, staff and students and maintain a high level of integrity when handling our mail and package services. Across the board, we are very pleased with their work.

OMG supplies us with a very impressive Quarterly Review Binder that gives us a total view of our volume and cost savings as a result of their efforts. We believe they will continue to strive to maintain a high level of quality customer and exemplary standards of integrity which will continue to lead them to success in a growing market. I would recommend them and look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Senior Financial Administrator - A client in the higher education industry, Cincinnati, Ohio


To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Onsite Management Group, also known as OMG, LCC. For many years, OMG has managed our company's mail system for the whole network. Over the course of this time, OMG has also saved our company tens-of-thousands of dollars through how they have managed the mail for the network. OMG, LCC has consistently offered great quality service, as well as thoroughly trained and knowledgeable staff that have a “customer first” mentality. This was proven when OMG took the initiative to negotiate rates for our mail services with another vendor to provide our company a greater long-term savings on their mail. OMG provides feedback, metrics, and reviews for the services they provide our company, including tailoring them to meet our needs. This reporting is a great example of the level of detail they put forth for their clients. Our Health Partners recommends considering OMG as a partner for your back office needs.


Director of Supply Chain - Large hospital healthcare network


2013 ClientTestimonials for OMG Team Members:

  • Client liaison, Louisville, KY wanted us to pass along her pleasure with DeMarcus in regards to his initiative in reaching out to their facilities management group to offer his help. “Being that it’s a busy time of the year for me, I can’t express how helpful this has been and how much I appreciated his willingness to step up and help outside of his normal day to day responsibilities.”
  • Client liaison, Cincinnati, OH wanted to share how pleased she is with John stating how she appreciates his ability to stay on top of reporting. ” I really appreciate your attentiveness to making sure that all reporting is wrapped up and sent on its way. “
  • Client liaison, Cincinnati, OH...“Mark - Thank you and your team for the effort and willingness in finding a solution that allowed you to shift resources around to put experienced people back into the coordination roles so quickly.”
  • Client liaison, Louisville, KY ... "I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how brilliant and supportive Tammy was in helping me fix a problem. Two weeks ago, I tried to reorder some business reply envelops from our vendor and was told our permit number had expired and I needed to obtain a new one from the post office. Being that I had never done this before, I didn’t know where to start. I called my colleague at our other hospital location and asked her how did she reorder her business reply envelops and she told me Tammy the mail room associate took care of it. She said it was a seamless and smooth process with the help of Tammy. My associate gave Tammy my contact number and explained to her what I needed help with. Tammy pretty much did everything including calling the local post office. Tammy kept me informed along the way and worked diligently on this matter until the end. She provided me with the new artwork for the business reply envelop and I forwarded  on to my vendor. Without Tammy’s help, I would probably still be trying to figure this out. She went above and beyond the call of duty providing and delivering excellent customer service care! Kudos to Tammy!!!!
  • Client liaison, Louisville, KY -  would like to give a huge "shoutout" to Christy for her “awesome, never wavering, positive attitude. She is without a doubt one of the most pleasant peopleI have ever known. She always has a smile on her face and in her voice. She is very helpful if we have questions, or needs, that may fall outside the normal.” A second liaison also wanted to recognize Christy for giving “exceptional customer service and going way beyond giving that extra mile. Christy will stop by our department to make sure if we need anything picked up and taken to the mail room. Her cheerfulness and smile always brightens our day.”


For Robert,
I wanted to extend a huge Thank You to you for your help in providing the "code" to Ryan on how to effectively cleanse the hard drives on our old copiers being returned to our previous vendor. This process was a priority for us over the past few weeks, and we were struggling to identify the correct process through all of our research and documentation. You not only provided us with a great resolution to our problem, but you gave our organization a significant cost savings in being able to take care of this cleansing in-house.

I sincerely appreciate your diligent support and quick response to Ryan's request. The OMG group of employees continue to impress me beyond expectation, which is what Deron Jett told me was going to happen. I'm so thankful that Deron's words are ringing true.
Best Regards,
Buyer, Indirect Materials - Contracts & Services
Large Manufacturing Company



To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to highly recommend OMG, LLC as your provider of mailroom, policy assembly, and other facilities management services.
Our company, a large insurance company recognized as a leading expert in the specialty insurance industry, hired OMG in 1998 to manage our mailroom, shipping, document imaging, and policy assembly functions for us. One primary reason we chose OMG as our vendor is that their management and staff are a local and regional team. That has proven to be a good solution for us because they have been quickly responsive to our needs.

The transition from company employees to OMG staff went very smoothly. OMG had a wonderful plan to ensure our business services continued while personnel transitions occurred.

We continue to be pleased with the OMG management and staff. The attention to detail and professional understanding of equipment, automation processes, U.S.P.S. and other facilities routines allow management at our company to concentrate on the insurance business, knowing the back office service centers are in competent hands. Especially important for us has been their ability to efficiently manage our policy assembly and mailing process.

Since 1998, OMG has been instrumental in helping our company save money on the processes they manage for us. With our recent transition to per-piece pricing, we are now paying OMG based on our volumes, which is in line with our business plans.

When you bring OMG on board, you can be assured you will have a partner vendor proactively looking out for your best interests in both process and cost efficiencies. On-time, accurate, and customized reports keep all the management information I need readily available. Believe me when I say, OMG has procedural discipline and customer service down to a science.

I can absolutely recommend OMG, LLC as a Facilities Management vendor!

Senior Project Manager
Large Insurance organization recognized as a leading expert in the specialty insurance industry



To Whom It May Concern:
In early 2004 our company entered an outsourcing agreement with OMG relative to our mail and file room management. To date, we have been very pleased with the results.

OMG has recruited and trained quality individuals to manage and perform the duties of both areas. They performed detailed analysis of the functions, initiated changes where necessary, and have monitored the results with a view to improved services and performance. In addition, OMG introduced cost savings plans relative to supplies ordering and staffing, while insuring a high level of service to all business units. Their flexibility in adapting to our practices and procedures has been key to their success within our organization.

We continue to be pleased with the results of this decision, and continue to look for ways to further leverage our partnership for future benefits.

FLMI Vice President
Large Financial Life Insurance Company


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