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Digital Mail Center Management

The digital mailroom can bring efficiencies to your entire staff. Whether it’s receiving the information on their desktop or having the information dropped into an assigned case, matter, patient or CRM you won’t have to worry about managing a paper based system eliminating wasted time on searching through filing cabinets around the office.

OMG, LLC (Onsite Management Group) excels at managing and optimizing service centers. OMG integrates the mail center into your organization for incoming, outgoing mail and packages and interoffice communications. We focus on your existing infrastructures and improve your business processes so they are more streamlined and aligned with the overall workflow of your organization.
OMG's primary goal is to bring our industry expertise to you so you can focus on your core business activities by providing:

  • An extensive due diligence study of your mail center to determine how your mail and delivery workflow can be optimized to meet the needs of your core business processes.
  • An examination of your existing equipment and technology, delivering expert recommendations for technology upgrades that speed efficiency and integrate effectively into your organization’s scope and size.
  • The restructuring of existing mail and carrier processes and management to heighten efficiency and deliver improved service levels.
  • Continuous process improvements that will ensure optimal efficiencies.
  • Mail, postage and package services for the convenience to end users and employees.
  • Reducing the cost and labor incurred with delivery and courier services.
  • Encouraging environmental sustainability by reducing the need for mail and interoffice transference, shredding and recycling opportunity for non-critical mail and documents.
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Bio Mail & X-Ray Mail Security

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It is unfortunate we are at the stage where we have to add concerns of domestic and foreign terrorism to our current business worries. Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, threats against the United States have increased dramatically. These threats extend beyond the traditional targets — airports, political events, etc., — and now threaten soft targets as well. These soft targets include areas that historically don’t have the same type of security presence as the locations mentioned.

These threats are not exclusive to any single industry, organization type or individual.  It is important to have the equipment and facility to identify any possible threat to ensure the safety of your organization and staff.  Threats can be concealed and extremely hard to detect, for example a powder, a small explosive contained in a parcel or letter, or even delivered as a hoax; they all have devastating consequences.  Each type of threat can be easily overlooked and if delivered can cause irreparable damage to the company image, company assets, loss of revenue, or even loss of life. 

If mail scanners and mailroom security are required or has now become more critical to your organization then an X-Ray scanner will protect your staff and business by scanning your incoming letters, parcels and baggage by detecting:

  • Explosives (letter bombs)
  • Chemical and biological threats
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Malicious mail

Scan high volumes of mail and parcels entering your workplace: One of the most effective defenses is the X-Ray machine, and its ability to check the inside of bags. An X-Ray machine offers a simple solution for security personnel to scan the interior of bags and other items. There are a variety of solutions depending on the individual requirements of the organization, ranging from cabinet scanners which fit easily into any space to large conveyor scanners for higher volumes and sizes of items.

OMG, LLC has been providing X-Ray scanning services since 2012.  OMG began offering these services when one of our clients requested that we research machines that would meet their needs and standards regarding mail and small parcels.  The solution OMG proposed has a small footprint, but has a high number of features that protect the client workplace against any potential chemical, biological, explosive or malicious threat that could arrive by post or courier. Our onsite OMG staff are trained to use the scanner for scanning mail, parcels, packages and luggage.

Most machines have a conveyor system that can handle high volumes of mail, deliveries and parcels. Smaller machines can be used in a stationary situation or moved around your organization for different applications. Most all X-Ray machines can be networked so images can be instantly sent to other departments or another office and archived for future reference.

If post scanners and mailroom security are required or has now become more critical to your organization, then an X-Ray scanner will protect your staff and business by scanning your incoming letters, parcels and baggage by detecting:

  • Explosives (letter bombs)
  • Chemical and biological threats
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Malicious mail

Please contact us if you have an interested in knowing more about Mailroom Security Solutions.

Bio and Hazardous Mail            

Hazardous mail is any mail that could potentially harm an individual during the transit or opening of the mail piece.  Hazardous mail can take the form of letters or parcels containing an assortment of materials including biological, radioactive, chemical or a combination thereof.  Many can be common items found in your home, but can begin to pose risk when exposed to temperature or pressure changes or when shaken.  Cautious handling and observant screening of all mail should be practiced to minimize the risk from hazardous mail. Identifying hazardous mail is done using the guidelines provided in the Letter and Package Bomb Detection Threats from the USPS’ Postal Inspection Service.

OMG, LLC provides each of our clients with a response kit for the mailroom that includes the standard response items recommended by the USPS.

  • Large Zip-loc bags
  • Latex gloves
  • Water spray bottle
  • Soap
  • Face Masks

The mailroom is a major gateway into any businesses or government agency. A typical mail center handles thousands of packages from routine invoices, confidential documents, to high value parcels, therefore, it is necessary not to overlook the security and training of this critical nerve center.  An effective security program should have two components, a plan for what to do in a situation, and training for employees who handle the mail pieces.

OMG provides each client with a Suspicious Mail Procedure while ensuring all onsite staff are trained to identify suspicious and hazardous mail and how to handle any pieces of mail in question.