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OMG Delivers Visible Bottom-Line Results. 

Generating revenue is primary in business, but managing your non-core areas is important as well.

From your mail and print center to courier management, Onsite Management Group specializes in eliminating the worries and responsibilities of your service center areas. Our expertise and technology are guaranteed to save you time and money – driving efficiency, boosting productivity and securing bottom-line savings.

We Prove our Performance With Dashboard Reporting
When it comes to our reporting…….Our motto is “What moves, gets measured!!” We implement Business Intelligence Reporting that will measure, monitor and trend against key performance indicators that result in immediate service area modifications and improvements. This solution is available on line 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. OMG employs leading-edge technology to achieve and pass on maximum savings to you. We have saved our clients over $8 million dollars in the past four years alone.

Create a customized annual Business Plan

  • Written annually for each site under contract
  • Establishes and identifies goals at the site level
  • Fosters ongoing continuous improvement by increasing expectations and creativity
  • Subsequent to each Business Plan, a task list is created, tracked and monitored monthly using Microsoft Project to ensure completion of all goals
  • Prior to the beginning of each new year, the OMG Business Plan is shared directly with the client liaison

Implement Model Site Standards
Model Site Standards are an established set of measurable items designed to verify that all OMG sites are utilizing the OMG methodology every day in procedures, reporting, service, and cleanliness. These guidelines outline all expectations and standards that comprise a Model Site In conjunction with Site Audits, Model Site Standards help us to gauge our level of compliance in the areas of appearance, cleanliness, operations, and consistency.

Creates and Documents Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements are detailed and precise with clear expectations, priorities and responsibilities that are based on the Statement of Work and set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We provide Seamless collaboration between all service center areas which streamlines production.

Certified, Culturally Adaptable and Cross-trained

OMG Team Members are expertly trained, certified and educated in the service industry, which allows them to continually analyze processes to find cost savings and value-add for our clients. We work with you to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption as we fit seamlessly into your organization and easily adapt to YOUR environment and culture. We are committed to ongoing training and development, thereby providing value and exceptional service. Our Team members are cross-trained in every service center area – so you will benefit from consistent and continuous world-class customer service in every daily task.

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