Benefits to Your Company

In today’s demanding work place, few companies have adequate internal staff resources to handle all day-to-day challenges, as well as special situations or projects that come up from time to time. With the inclusion of OMG employee(s), this permits customers to make better utilization of their internal staff while using an outside “managed workforce” for complex projects or special non-recurring needs. Better utilization of internal staff leads to satisfied users, increased productivity, and lower costs.

OMG's solutions enable you to maintain complete control while we manage the process and all personnel related costs. We also make equipment recommendations, manage equipment maintenance agreements, and manage contracts with related vendors.

Some of the many benefits of engaging with OMG are:

  • Reduction of Operating Costs. With OMG providing a skilled workforce, best practices, standardized processes, and advanced technologies, you can reduce your overall cost structure and minimize the complexity of managing it. Your company's administrative services costs will be predictable and controlled for years into the future.
  • Ability to Focus on Core Business Processes. OMG services are managed by personnel trained in information and document control and distribution, thus freeing you to invest more time, money, and human resources in core competencies and customer service.
  • Guarantee of Service Quality. OMG maintains consistent service levels and customer satisfaction. OMG staff and our MDP (Mailpiece Design Professional) Certified Specialists will provide you with "peace of mind" knowing that your mail will adhere to all USPS regulations. We also support a variety of customer quality initiatives to sustain improvement.
  • Opportunity Operational Flexibility. Because we understand and support your business vision, outsourcing with OMG goes beyond solving today's challenges. We also provide you with the flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment which allows you to seize next-generation opportunities.

A variety of administrative tasks can be reviewed for possible assumption by OMG personnel at less cost than those incurred by higher-paid personnel in other departments. OMG's services are delivered effectively, without regard to temporary absence, vacation, promotion, illness, termination or retirement of your company's personnel. We take complete ownership and responsibility for recruiting, training, performance appraisal, scheduling, vacation relief, etc., removing all administrative headaches and allowing you to harness proactive methodologies.

Your company will have immediate access to OMG's expertise in digital mail center management as well as extensive knowledge of printing, bulk mailing, postal presort discounts, courier services, data imaging, warehouse management, fulfillment services, supplies management, copy center management, switchboard and reception area operation, and records and file maintenance.

OMG abides by the current Privacy Act standards (HIPAA) and maintains total confidentiality regarding client information.


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