Mail Security Solutions

Diligence, Awareness and Expertise is Critical

All mail and package service facilities are faced with many challenges in evaluating their facility’s ability to detect and manage biological and chemical threats or potential explosives.

The USPS Inspection Service has stated that they have investigated an average 16 actual mail bombs over the past few years.  Since the 2001 anthrax letter attacks that killed 5 Americans and an additional 17 were sickened, there have been few additional attacks and based on the USPS efforts, the risks have been significantly reduced.

There have been 52,000 incidents reported and investigated since 2001 that have proven to be hoaxes or false alarms according to the USPS Inspection Service.  Regardless that these events have proven to be harmless, there is still potential impact to the organization in loss of productivity and ultimately revenue, in responding to the threat. Having an effective plan in place allows an organization to ensure the safety of their employees as well as reduce the impact to productivity and loss of revenue.

Our experience and expertise allows OMG to evaluate our Client’s current processes, evaluate potential risks and design a program that meets the Client’s needs with the most effective and cost-efficient solution.  Our security solution is designed to ensure that potential threats are handled and neutralized with minimal impact on our Client’s organization and provide a safe environment for their staff and facilities. 

Untitled 1 webOur solutions include various levels of intervention, customized to our Client’s needs and budget:

  • Site evaluation, consultation and recommendation
  • Placement of staff and handheld equipment for multi-mode detection of explosive and toxic chemicals
  • Onsite placement of x-ray scanning equipment for letters, packages and courier service for continuity of possession through all processes
  • Offsite mail and package x-ray scanning to ensure no potentially hazardous materials arrive on site

Our onsite solutions allow for OMG trained personnel to implement a custom designed security process for your organization with ongoing support of OMG leadership.  Documenting and maintaining policies and procedures ensures continuity as staffing and circumstances change.  Providing timely and relevant reporting, related to mail and package security, continuously demonstrates the success and positive outcomes of the efforts.

Over 15 Years of Evaluation and Participation in Security Solutions

From the time of the anthrax attacks in 2001, OMG has been involved in evaluating, utilizing and implementing mail and package security processes and technology.  Focusing on the risks and needs of each Client, OMG has been able to develop specific solutions to meet the Client’s individual needs.    

Our solutions are currently utilized in various industries including, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and Food Service.  Fully understanding our Client’s business and industry, allows us to evaluate the potential risks against the Client’s current processes, including location, equipment utilized and staff training.

Untitled 2OMG evaluates an organization’s potential risk against the following:

  • Foreign Terrorism
    • Does your organization conduct business internationally and/or have an interest in areas of political unrest?
  • Domestic Hate Groups
    • Is your organization involved in high profile researches or have controversial products or services?
  • Workplace Violence
    • Has your organization gone through down-sizing or made internal changes that have negatively impacted employees or are there individuals that are considered a risk that have been separated from the workplace?

OMG’s commitment to continued education and leadership within our Client’s organizations ensures the ability to react accordingly with emerging technology or when new threats are introduced that must be addressed.

Commitment to partnering with our Client’s in a long-term relationship

OMG is unmatched in our commitment to ensuring our staff integrates into the culture and direction of our Clients business goals for mutual success of both organizations.  Our long-term relationships with our Clients are a product of our ability to meet their expectations as their business grows and circumstances change.  Our passion for the work that we do is the defining characteristic that allows us to exceed the efforts of other organizations. We simply love exceeding expectations and delivering outstanding service every day.

Please contact us if you have an interested in knowing more about Mailroom Security Solutions.